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JavAstro is a free astronomy software written in java and therefore suitable for all desktop platforms. It contains a collection of astronomical instruments accessible through a graphical interface of tabbed panels.


Sky Panel Sky Panel - Celestial map visible for every date and place. Show all Hipparcos catalog, NGC2000 catalog, Sun, Moon, planets, asteroids, comets and constellations.

Events Panel Events Panel - Calculate and show, in chronological order, all major astronomical events.

Ephemerides Panel Ephemerides Panel - Ephemerides of the Sun, Moon and planets.

Planets Panel Planets Panel - Zodiac positions, view of the solar system, elongations.

Planets 2 Panel Planets 2 Panel - Visibility of the moon and the planets.

Moon Panel Moon Panel - Moon phase monthly calendar.

Jupiter Panel Jupiter Panel - Show Jupiter and the four galilean moons.

Earth Panel Earth Panel - Show the terminator, night and day.


JavAstro works on all computers equipped with a downloadable Java Runtime Environment from the site JAVA.COM.

Manual Installation. Download the file to a folder then, for Windows users, double click the executable file to run the program.


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